Vantage™ Smartwatch Phone - 75% Off Launch
Vantage™ Smartwatch Phone - 75% Off Launch


Vantage™ Smartwatch Phone - 75% Off Launch

Introducing The Vantage™ Smartwatch Phone...

SIM card/Bluetooth phone calls (Bluetooth v3.0)

The Lotus™ gives you the freedom to dial and receive calls directly from your wrist.

Compatibility: Android and iOS Smartphones

Seamless messaging features

Quickly send and receive messages (SMS/Email/Whatsapp).

Sync important information from your iOS or Android Smartphone

Seamless synchronization with your iOS and Android smartphone: notifications and messages, phonebook, call logs, and music.

In-Built Lotus Media™/Music Player

Enjoy music on the go with the integrated music player.

Camera & video recorder

Easily capture memorable moments using the in-built camera and video recorder.

You can also use the lotus as remote control for photography on your smartphone.

Pedometer, Sleep monitor, Sedentary reminder

Take care of your health, record sports data, monitor sleep, receive intelligent reminders about your sleep schedule.

Loss-protection mode

Enable alerts when the watch becomes out of bluetooth range.

Practical Extras

Sound recorder, alarm, calendar, calculator.

Standby Time: 180 Hours